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My arrival in Hamburg and Elmshorn

The 1 euro bus took me to travel from the south to the north of Germany. It took me about 6 hours to fly. I had already coordinated my arrival in the small town of Elmshorn where I would meet Paola my hostess in Hamburg.

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Last Day in Cologne

I found a small site filled with many relics from different parts of the world. They had very old trunks of Africa, postcards of other German cities and many crafts of Asia. I bought a magnet they had from Bali, I confess I am an addict to the magnets !. I also visited a bakery that had ginger rolls and they were delicious.

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EA Sports Fifa and Rudimental

The idea was to visit my friend Alberto Concepción. He is a producer of EA Sports Fifa in Germany at the offices of this game developer in Cologne. As you know I do a job as editor of several teams of the Soccer League in Colombia.

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Soy Catracho de nacimiento y Colombiano de Corazón Viajar Es Mi Alimento - @airbnb - 26 - EaSports Fifa Content Admin Liga Águila

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