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About Me


I am a very happy person, with a life full of opportunities, to whom have passed very good things and others not so much, but that have simply made me strong.

Who does not like to travel? This blog is for collecting my travel experiences and sharing them with all of you.

I always had this idea hanging around my head. After reading many travelers talk to others more. I made the decision to create the blog to compile many of my stories. In the end the memories are the ones that make us have the desire to continue knowing. Here I not only tell you about my travels, I also tell you my chronicles in soccer stadiums. I hope my blog inspires you to make such decisions to enjoy their lives to the fullest.





Soy Catracho de nacimiento y Colombiano de Corazón Viajar Es Mi Alimento - @airbnb - 26 - EaSports Fifa Content Admin Liga Águila

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